This unique range of machines is of a customized modular stainless steel construction and is fully insulated. Because of its compact design and closed loop system saves energy, water and floor space.

The design features offer a range of multi wash and rinse cycles using spray or agitated wash complete with drying.

This system has a central wash chamber with chemical and rinse water holding tanks. Each tank fluid is pumped into and out of the main wash tank in turn to ensure maximum cleaning is achieved.

The system is controlled by a P.L.C with all process times and temperatures are fully adjustable. A HMI display unit can be fitted to monitor the cleaning cycle and display any faults, which may occur.

These machines are suitable for use with all types of aqueous chemical detergent.

Accessories can include fine filtration, steam extraction, steam condensers, oil separation, auto chemical dosing, effluent disposal pump, demineralised water rinse.