Front Loading Spray Wash

Front Load Through Wash


The range of stainless steel, double skinned, fully insulated front loading spray wash machines have been designed for high standard component cleaning. Most machines have an external load/unload table with wheel-mounted trolleys for ease of component loading. Machines can be provided with powered load/unload systems.

The principle of operation is the components remain stationary to ensure no component damage as a motor driven rotating wash booms ensures complete chemical and rinse water coverage. Counter rotating booms can be offered.

These machines are single or multistage systems and are P.L.C. controlled with all process times and temperatures being fully adjustable.  The machines can have HMI display units to monitor the cleaning cycle. Design features can include fine filtration, steam extraction, steam condensers, oil separation, auto chemical dosing, demineralised water rinse.

These machines are also suitable for use with aqueous chemical detergent.