Inline Conveyorised Wash

Front Load Through Wash

The range of stainless steel, double skinned, fully insulated flatbed conveyor spray washing machines have been designed for high standard component cleaning or phosphate applications.

The machines can be constructed for single or multistage use including drying and all machines have a variable speed driven conveyors.  The spray pattern is designed to give maximum coverage from above and below the conveyor to ensure the components are completely degreased without damage.

Other standard design features include fluid level controls for pump and heater protection, course filtration and access panels for maintenance.   Digital temperature controllers, steam extraction, gas fired or electrical heating.

Air knives and hot driers are also offered as options.

Accessories can include fine filtration, disk skimmer, oil separation, auto chemical dosing, and effluent disposal pump and demineralised water rinse.

These machines are suitable for use with aqueous chemical detergent.