Low Emission Equipment

Our low emission plants are designed to meet our customer’s specific requirements and can be used with any of the following solvents; Trichloroethylene, Methylene Chloride, Perchloroethylene or n-Propyl Bromide (Trichloroethylene drop in replacement). These machines are compliant with the solvent emissions directive.




Compared with a traditional open top degreaser, the low emission systems can save   up to 90% of solvent usage and will reduce energy costs. 

The tanks are constructed from stainless steel with a mild steel powder coated enclosure.

The machines are fully automatic and are controlled by a P.L.C. operating all doors, handling system, monitoring solvent levels and heat input.

The control panel has a full indicator display.

Care is also taken with maintenance and operation in mind.

Additional design features can include carbon filtration, filling and emptying systems and automatic load and unload conveyors.