Inline Multistage


These customised machines are constructed using stainless steel fluid tanks on a mild steel frame with powder-coated panels complete with an automatic handling system.



This system will allow baskets to be processed continuously quickly and efficiently.

This type of machine is used were high volumes of components can be placed into baskets and were complete immersion is required to achieve the desired level of cleanliness.

The wash stage is usually heated and agitation can be provided ultrasonically, pump or by rotating the basket.

  • 1st rinse stage is cold and weirs to drain.
  • 2nd rinse stage may be heated to aid drying.
  • A hot air dryer can be fitted.

The system is controlled by a P.L.C were all process times and temperatures are fully adjustable. A HMI display unit can be fitted to monitor the cleaning cycle and display any alarms, which may occur.

Design features can include fine filtration, steam extraction, oil separation, auto chemical dosing, demineralised water rinse, gas fired or electrical heating.

These machines are suitable for use with aqueous chemical detergent.