Speciality Machines


Tube Washer - Case Study

The machine illustrated (below) is a tube washing machine designed to clean different lengths of tube via interchangeable baskets. This machine enables small to medium bore tubes to be cleaned and swarf removed from both the internal and external surfaces.

It is a self contained and has an automatic filtered wash and rinse cycle and an automatic drying time.  These automatic times can be accessed and altered via the machine's HMI (Human machine interface).

All components in this machine will be clean and dry when removed.


Front Load Through Wash


Disc Washer - Case Study

Design requirements for this machine was to ensure a disc was cleaned and swarf removed from blind holes on both sides of the disc. It was important that no steam was able to escape into the work place.

We designed and built a manual front loading machine (below) where the disc could be clamped into a cleaning position. Dual controls would then close the door and start the filtered wash cycle. Counter rotational bi-directional sprays would then complete the cleaning process of the disc.

At the end of the wash cycle the closed door partially opens to allow steam to evacuate from the wash chamber (there were no ducts to atmosphere), then the door fully opens to allow the component to be removed from the machine.


Disc cleaner

Disc cleaner being installed